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Hand in Hand Ministries to host Family Fun Day

The Leadership Team of Hand in Hand Ministries is made up of women who were once recipients of homes in the past. Now they would like to give to others who find themselves where they once were without a roof over their heads.  In this regard, the Leadership Team is having a fundraiser to raise two thousand dollars towards building a home for a family.  Melissa Wright, the Leader of the Leadership Team, said that the fundraiser will be in the form of a Family Day.

Melissa Wright – The Leader of the Leadership Team, Hand in Hand Ministries: “This Saturday, July 6th we are going to have a family fun day,  fundraiser at our office at 1 ½ miles on the George Price Highway. We are going to have food on sale, we have games, different entertainments and we have our educational booths which we have on displays. We are going to have a bounce house, dunk tank, lime and spoon, sack race, musical chairs and balloon games. I know how I have felt receiving a new home so that is the reason why we have been out of our way to do these fundraisings to build a house for someone in need so that they could feel the same way that we felt when we received our home.”

This is the second home that the leadership team is building to donate to a family. Once again, the family fun day takes place tomorrow, July 6, at the Hand in Hand Ministries located at one and a half miles on the George Price Highway./