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Hand In Hand Ministries about to deliver 337th house

The team of the building for change program of the Hand In Hand Ministries is currently building its 337th house which will also be handed over to a resident in Southside Belize City this week. Director of Operations, Abel Vargas told us who the new recipient is.

Abel Vargas – Director of Operations

“It has been a tremendous improvement for us so now when in the past we used to take four to  four and half days to build a house we average about three days now to build a house because of this facility.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“What size of house are we looking at here?”

Abel Vargas – Director of Operations

“We are looking at a sixteen by sixteen house and a bathroom inside and it’s a two bedroom house. We will be building up this house by tomorrow, by Wednesday we should be putting all the plumbing and if not Wednesday evening; Thursday morning we should be blessing the house and giving over to Louise Armstrong.”

Hand in Hand Ministries has been serving the community in Belize for about fifteen years.