Hand-in-Hand Ministries Completes 500th House: Belize City Family Celebrates Early Christmas in New Home

Hand-in-Hand Ministries Completes 500th House: Belize City Family Celebrates Early Christmas in New Home

Christmas came early for one Belize City family, who are moving into their new home tomorrow. Today, the Hand-in-Hand Ministries completed their five hundredth house that was built for a deserving single mother of two. Vejea Alvarez has the story. 

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: As the sounds of drills and saws echoed on JR Street, the excitement built for 41-year-old Sedella Lamb. The single mother of two has spent the last three years living in a small wooden structure that often exposed her family to the elements. 

Celida Lamb, Home Recipient: “When it rains it leaks, it opens up, it blows open and it has woodlice. So it’s never comfortable. And then Anthony like sometimes when I need to change my clothes I have to let him come out early in the morning – like wake him up and make him come outside to change my clothes and call him and sometimes it is very uncomfortable for him.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: But all that will change on Wednesday when Lamb receives the keys to her new home, financed through previous Hand in Hand Home recipients’ efforts to raise funds for the material. Lamb says when she got the news from the Building for Change Women’s Group, tears came to her eyes.

Celida Lamb, Home Recipient: “When Miss Rashida call me and gave me the letter I started to cry because I was excited. I knew one day I would get a house built from Hands in Hands.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: How gratifying was that for you to see other women come together to assist you ? 

Celida Lamb, Home Recipient: “Very thankful because they were women who have been through the same things that I’ve been through and they came together, fundraised to raise a house and they picked me so I was so glad and happy and thankful for them.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: While the group provided the money, sixteen Hand In-Hand volunteers from the United States were on the ground measuring, painting, and cutting wood. Mary Thompson believes the work is a labor of love that aids in changing the life of someone else.  

Mary Thompson, Hand in Hand: “When I found out they were going to build the 500th house, I thought I must be there for that. I started coming in 2006 and I maybe have been here 10 times, but I could not pass up the 500th house. I love the fact that to look on the face of each homeowner when they receive their home and they have the blessing, it’s the most magical experience. So I keep coming back for that each and every time. Then I go home and I tell everybody I can tell about the work of Hand-in-Hand Ministries because I’m hoping more and more people will come because the joy that you get.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: The group constructed the home within five days and began by putting together walls that were built by the women’s group. Scott Haner, another volunteer, says that for him being a part of the five hundredth home donation is monumental. 

Scott Haner, Volunteer: “We came here 10 years ago the first time and a friend said hey would you like to go help us build a house in Belize and it just captured our hearts. We’ve been back every year since except for a few years with COVID wouldn’t allow us to come. And when they called and said they were building their 500th house, I mean, Hand in Hand has such a heart for the people of Belize. You can see that in the fact they’ve built 500 houses for people to live in. People say you build a house in three days? And I said, well, it’s a simple wooden structure but it’s the nicest house that the people that move in have ever had. And they cry and their friends come and they celebrate. And if we can be part of that in some small way, that’s worth coming down for a few days.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: All-in-all, for Lamb, it’s a blessing that could have come at no better time. She says her family will now be able to have a joyous holiday, enjoying in comfort and peace

Celida Lamb, Home Recipient: “My intention for Christmas is to enjoy it, spend it peaceful, happy and thankful to God and make it jolly and thank everybody who came out from far away to make this possible.  I feel excited, happy oh I can’t explain right now I feel like peaceful, peace of mind. I feel like I’m flying.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Lamb is now hoping she can do her part to pay it forward and work hand-in-hand to help someone else. Vejea Alvarez, Love News.

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