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Hand in Hand Ministries Opens New Headquarters

Hand In Hand Ministries officially opened and dedicated its new headquarters in Belize City today. The Fowler Community Center is located at mile 1 ½ on the George Price Highway across from the Inspiration Center. The new building will help to improve the organization’s efficiency in implementing its programs by bringing all the offices under one roof. These include the scholarship program, an outreach program for children infected with HIV and the Building for Change Program. Director of Operations Abel Vargas shared why the project was necessary.

Abel Vargas – Director of Operations

“Today I can stand here confidently looking at this building and tell you, tell you all, without a doubt that miracle do happen and that dreams do come true. Five years ago this was an impossible dream and when we looked at this overgrown bushy swamp, we realized that only if God would make a miracle happen will we be able to have a building here. Only God could make it happen. Well, look behind me. We realized that the need in our society extended far beyond the provisions of safe living conditions and thus we ventured out into the medical and educational arenas. As we began to realize the tremendous impact our services were having with the very limited resources we had available, we realized that our mission her in Belize could never be a temporary quick fix.  If we wanted to make a difference which we proposed to do we had to be in it for the long haul. In this building is housed our daycare, preschool, nurses station, kitchen to prepare meal for our children, a support group meeting room, a waiting area for those seeking medical attention, a waiting area for those seeking to get a house, two private interview areas where our social workers interview those applying for houses, a meeting area for the skills training session which also serves as a study area for tutoring of scholarship recipients and of course the administrative office. So, before you stands our home, a beacon of hope for those in need.”

The funding for the building was obtained from various donations and labor was also donated by hundreds, including residents in the area. The organization, which works in the US, Central America, the Caribbean, and Appalachia helps provide resources and services to the most economically vulnerable within the communities they serve. These services center primarily on housing, education and healthcare.