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Hand in Hand Ministries to officially open new headquarters

Hand In Hand Ministries Belize will be now be operating form its very own office in Belize city after well over a decade of service to the Belizean community. The faith driven organization has been able to realize this long awaited dream through the generosity of many says the director of operations Abel Vargas.

Abel Vargas Director of Operations

“We are a faith base were god centered and everything we do we do with Prayer. We dream big and pray hard and that’s what we do. We’ve also operated under a philosophy “just enough just in time”. When we started filling this land we didn’t have enough money to fill half the land yet still we embarked on it and we’ve come this far. When we started building this building we hadn’t ten percent of the money to build this building and now we have a building because as we go along funding comes.”

The new building is helping to improve the organization efficiency in implementing its programs by bringing all the officers under one roof. Presently they are over seeing three programs; one is a scholarship program through which fifteen children are receiving assistance to attend High school.

Abel Vargas Director of Operations

“Here in this building we have a tutoring center for them that is fully equipped with computers and we have teachers who come in and teach them on specified needs that they have different projects that they are having problems with, different subjects that they are having problems with.”

Another is an outreach program through which many children who are HIV positive are able to receive adequate health care.

Abel Vargas Director of Operations

“We provide services to all the HIV infected children in the country. Hand in Hand Ministries is the only organization that provides services specifically to the infected child. We are actually the arm of the Ministry of Health country wide we know of many, many, many children whose lives have been prolonged, have been saved because of this program and these children are now in primary school and they are very healthy and they are being very productive.”

And then there is the Building for Change Program perhaps the most popular undertaking by Hand in Hand Ministries. Through this program the Organization has built well over three hundred houses for vulnerable families across Belize.

Abel Vargas Director of Operations

“Since we have this big space we can actually build the walls here and simply assemble in the year in the city so it has been a tremendous improvement for us so now when in the past we used to take four to four and half days to build a house we average about three days now to build a house because of this facility.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“What size of house are we looking at here?”

Abel Vargas Director of Operations

“We are looking at a sixteen by sixteen house and a bathroom inside and it’s a two bedroom house.”

The building is eighty  percent complete but has been in use since September last year aside from the Offices the building also includes a nurses center, examination room, consultation room, support group center, training area, day care center, preschool and a fully equipped kitchen. Vargas says they chose to invest in this particular community because this is where their services are most needed.

Abel Vargas Director of Operations

“You know this building has been a dream; it is nothing short of a miracle and what this building represents is that it tells the people of Belize that we are here to stay, were here to serve them forever.”

Dalila Ical Love News.