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Hands Across the Sand

Last Saturday, over two hundred people came together from all walks of life to join hands on beaches, across bridges, along seawalls and other public areas to celebrate Oceana’s 2019 Hands Across the Sand, taking a stand against offshore oil exploration.  There was a lot to celebrate with the historic passing of the Moratorium on Offshore Oil Exploration known as the Petroleum Operations Bill in December 2017.  Love News spoke with Alyssa Carnegie, the Communications Director at Oceana, who said that the event is in its ninth year.

Alyssa Carnegie – Communications Director at Oceana: “We are wavemakers and Belizeans across the country stood together holding in hands whether that was on bridges, on seawalls, across beaches, all across the country to show their support and stand in solidarity against offshore oil development. You know for many years Belizean have been vocal. They didn’t want to see offshore oil happening in Belize and it is good to see that after the law has been passed we keep referring to it as the people’s law because it is really the people who advocated for this. Even after the passing of that Moratorium people are still being vigilant and they are still being committed to taking the position that they don’t want offshore oil to happen in Belize, not now and not ever. Beyond saying no to offshore development it is also saying yes to a cleaner more sustainable alternative. Oceana continues to be committed to ensuring the protection of armoring resources, a resource that so many Belizean depend on whether it is Fisheries and sustainable Fisheries, whether it is looking clean at forms of energy or even things like plastics and marine pollution. We are really committed to ensuring that Belizeans today and tomorrow can continue to enjoy our marine resources.”

Carnegie added that the event has grown over the years.