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What happened to Ivan Witzil?

Police continue their investigation into the disappearance of 51- year- old Ivan Roger Witzil.  As we reported earlier this week, Witzil’s ex-common law wife and his children became concerned after he did not visit their home as he was accustomed to.  The last time the family saw Witzil was on June 17, however, it was not until Tuesday that his daughter filed a missing report.  Yesterday, ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of the Crimes Investigation Branch briefed the media on the matter.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head of CIB: We had a missing person report, again it is something that we keep insisting on family members that whenever any of our loved ones or any friend or family member is missing it is best that you report these matters immediately to the police and do not wait for a prolonged period of time for you to come forward because it makes it difficult to trace back as to where the person was and actually how the incident transpired. We have this Mr. Witzil who was reported missing by his daughter Carla Veronica Garcia. She mentioned that the last time they saw father alive was on Father’s Day which was Sunday the 16th and from then they have not heard about him. The matter was just reported to the police on Tuesday and police so far have prepared many posters in reference to Mr. Ivan Roger Witzil disappearance and we have sent it throughout the country however we have been communicating with family members and there are some indication that some of them were mentioning they had seen him leaving with a bag with clothing and he was telling that he was going to work somewhere in the South either Placencia or Independence at some construction site so that is the angle that we are looking at this moment that our counterpart  is in that area and looking to see if they can locate this person that has been reported missing here in the city.

Witzil’s last known address is Cockburn Lane in Belize City.