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Harmony Between Nature and Human

Ya’axche Conservation has won the prestigious National Energy Globe Award for its sustainable Use Zones in Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. The award recognizes that the GSCP utilizes renewable or emission free sources and as well as preserving the wildlife located there. The GSCP uses Sustainable Use Zones to cooperate with the community and aid them with their needs. The communities of Tambram, Golden stream, Medina Bank, and Indian Creek are privileged to extract materials for building and harvest plants to use for cooking at these zones. Love news spoke to Christina Garcia Executive Director- Ya’axche Conservation Trust. Where she spoke about how one is granted access and how they’re proud to have earned the award

 Christina Garcia – Executive Director, Ya’axche Conservation: “It is a well-recognized award throughout the world and Ya’axche was lucky enough to get it because there were approximately one hundred and eighty-eight applicants from around the world and we are very proud that this award was given to Ya’axche because it is quite a while that we have been doing the extraction zone and we feel that this really puts the organization’s name out there and there is not a lot of privately protected areas in the country that does this kind of activity. We feel that it is very important because we want to show that we are not only about conservation and making sure that our protected areas are intact but it also encompasses a livelihood for community members that we work with and Ya’axche and has a very strong relationship with these communities and we want to ensure and continue to show the world that protected areas can exist with people and people can exist with protected areas. There are no application fees for community members that want to access the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve so what we do have is a permitting system so if a community member is interested in applying for a permit for extraction weather that be fixed or grown leaf then they apply for the process, it goes through a vetting and then the community member is allowed to go in and do the extraction. Of Course this is overseen by our ranger because Ya’axche does have a twelve ranger team so this activity is overseen by them and basically we ensure afterward that whatever resources are extracted that it is used for the purpose of what that community member is asking for so if it is to be used for building house, we will ensure that it is used to build house and we don’t allow extraction for commercial use.”

The GSCP will continue to work with their communities in preserving the life of many species of animals located there as well as help the people of the communities.//////