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Harris acquitted of causing death by careless conduct

40-year-old Lyle Harris was acquitted of causing death by careless conduct of 4 year old Elisha Gilharry. A jury of nine voted seven to two to acquit Harris. The Crown, represented by Crown Counsel Janelle Shorter-Thomas, called 8 witnesses, including the father of the child, to prove its case. Harris testified and said that he did not see the child running across the street and he was not aware that he had knocked down anybody. Harris was not represented by any attorney. Previously, Harris was found guilty on March 1, 2017, in that trial, the jury had deliberated for only 90 minutes. On March 10, 2017, the day when Harris was to be sentenced by Justice Lucas, his attorney, Simeon Sampson, submitted that the jury did not deliberate for the mandatory 2 hours for a majority verdict. Consequently, Justice Lucas declared the trial a mistrial and ordered a retrial.  Harris, a truck driver of Belize City, was charged for knocking down Gilharry on September 3, 2010, while she was crossing North Front Street near to Bel-China Bridge.