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Has crime infiltrated the Police Department?

And while WPC Michelle Brown has been arrested and charged criminally and administratively, police continue to piece together what really happened on the night of December 28. But the investigation does not only stop there, police say they are also looking into one of its own units, the Special Assignment Team, and their role, if any, in this case. We first take a look at what the police have uncovered so far.

The Crimes Investigation Branch and the Professional Standards Branch of the Belize police department are both looking into the murder of Fareed Ahmad.

Commander of the Professional Standards Branch ACP Chester Williams says that they have interviewed all persons who were first on the scene at mile 17 of the George Price Highway in Hattieville Village. A vehicle was passing by when the Ahmad’s BMW SUV crashed into an old vehicle on the side of the road. At least three persons were the first to rush to the aid of those inside.

ACP Chester Williams – Commander, Professional Standards Branch

“They are saying that there were no other persons in the vehicle, they saw no one exiting the vehicle. When they went to the vehicle the vehicle was still locked and only those two persons were still inside the vehicle so at this time we have that from three different witnesses.”

According to police witnesses also said Ahmad was initially taken out of the vehicle and was able to walk but he was unable to speak.

ACP Chester Williams – Commander, Professional Standards Branch

“The doctor is saying that one of the reasons why he couldn’t have said anything was because the gunshot injuries damaged something in the throat that would have allowed him to speak. The people on the scene were saying that he tried to speak but his words were not coming out.”

Investigators say that central to the case is the phone records of both Ahmad and Brown. ACP Williams said these would allow them to “make the case more airtight,” This is why they are applying to obtain these records from the telephone company through the office of the Director of Public Prosecution.

ACP Chester Williams – Commander, Professional Standards Branch

“I believe their phone records will be critical in ascertaining a motive as well as to tell us why she was in that vehicle with him at that time of the night.”

The department has not however obtained Brown’s cell phone saying they cannot compel her to hand it over, another reason why they want the telephone company’s records. Additionally, police are requesting ballistic testing on the two shells that were found inside the vehicle from the national forensic service.

ACP Chester Williams – Commander, Professional Standards Branch

“The officer who issued her with her firearm on that day in question submitted his report and stated that she was issued with the 9mm pistol and 15 live rounds of ammunition. Her firearm was found with thirteen live rounds and the two expended shells were found in the vehicle. We are presuming and we hoping that it will be confirmed by ballistics that the two expended shells will make up for the two that are missing from her firearm.”

And what about Brown’s statement on the incident? Police says she has chosen to remain silent exercising her constitutional right.

ACP Chester Williams – Commander, Professional Standards Branch

“In the absence of her saying anything, there is nothing that we can do to compel her to speak on that matter. We wish she would so that we can get her side of the story but she chose to remain silent.”

Investigators say they are also intending to question Brown’s neighbors.

A post-mortem examination conducted on Fareed Ahmad’s body shows that he died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head as result of the accident and a gunshot to the face.