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Hatteville Family Displaced by Tragic House Fire

Tonight, a mother and her three children are lucky to be alive after they escaped not only a burning house but a small explosion. The blaze gutted their home in the wee hours of this morning in the Windmill Area of Hattieville Village. The home that measured twenty-two by twenty feet was totally destroyed by the fire. According to thirty-nine-year-old Kimberly Myvett, she was sleeping at the time when she was alerted by her eldest son.

Kimberly Myvett, House Fire Victim: “I was sleeping and it was my eighteen year old son who came to wake me. He hailed me and he said fire was in the house. And I just jumped out and took out my babies and I hooked up a hose on the pipe to try to out it but while I was trying to out it the fire was getting bigger and my son hollered “Ma come out because the gas tank will blow.” and that’s how I hurriedly came by the door out of the house on the first step and when I reached the first step the gas tank blew. If I had stayed in there a minute longer I would have blown up in there but my kids were already out. The only thing is as far as I know lit one mosquito coil from after six in the evening, that was supposed to have already burned out and I always light mosquito coil everyday because of the mosquitos and where I live it’s lone bush back there. That is all I know. I don’t know what happened.”

Myvett says that while she lost everything in the blaze she is still thankful that she and her kids managed to escape unharmed with the help of her neighbors.

Kimberly Myvett, House Fire Victim: “I feel happy to know that we’re still living because we could have blown up in the house but I’m sad because I lost everything. I don’t have anything. Nothing at all. Everything got burnt. The young lady that lives in the yard in the next house with me they ran and called her father and her sisters and they came and called the police and the fire truck but when they reached the place had already burned. My phone, everything got burned up. I couldn’t take out anything. The speed at which the fire came the house was a hand in hand house made out of treated pine lumber and I guess that’s why it burned so fast, I had addition on to it too. It was a good sized three bedroom house.”

If anyone would like to help Myvett with any donations she can reached at 631-0586.