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Hattieville Officers Confiscate Weed and Guns

Hattieville Police were busy over the weekend intersecting the flow of drugs and weapons in the area. On Sunday morning, October 23 at around nine forty five Police stopped a red Geo Prizm sedan driven by Angel Vidal of Central American Street in Benque Viejo del Carmen Town who was accompanied by a minor.  In the vehicle, police found a substantial amount of marijuana. Police suspects that Vidal was working with a drug gang that operates across the western border. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Juanito Cocom tells us the details.


Hours later at eight thirty in the night Hattieville Police made another discovery; a sawed off shot gun they believe was strategically placed to commit a crime. ASP Cocom tells us more.


With the recent addition of ten officers to the Rural Eastern Division, ASP Cocom stated that the officers will be a great resource in their fight against crime as they will now add reinforcement to relief stations where they previously had only five officers.