Hattieville Resident Blake Lewis Captured After Exchange of Gunfire with Police Officer

Hattieville Resident Blake Lewis Captured After Exchange of Gunfire with Police Officer

Blake Lewis is a 22-year-old Hattieville resident who was finally nabbed by Police earlier today.  Lewis’ capture came a few hours after he stood in front of a police officer’s home, and fired several shots at him.  In the process, the Detective Constable, Roy Rivera, returned fire, and injured Lewis in the process.  Lewis managed to escape, but his escape was short-lived.  We join Reporter Vejea Alvarez for the story on Blake Lewis.

Vejea Alvarez, Love News:  After allegedly taking part in the murder two men, going into hiding for almost three months and opening fire on a cop 22 year old  Blake Lewis is in police custody. That Hattieville resident has been wanted since October for his alleged involvement in the murder of 66 year old Joel Andrews and his workman Martin Sho. The elderly farmer and Sho were shot and killed at his Hattieville farm during what police say is a robbery. Cops believe Lewis was one of the men responsible but couldn’t find him until last night. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “He has been eluding the police. We tried to work as best as we can to do OPs and surveillance and that sort of thing to capture him but he has always been able to stay one step ahead of the police. But last night the GI3 committed themselves to conducting surveillance and going into the area and doing certain work and the work that they did last night was able to flush out Blake Lewis. He was spotted by the team riding a motorcycle and he practically rode into the police vehicle and fell of the motorcycle and then he ran. The police pursued him and he managed to escape from them. A couple minutes later he was encountered by a police officer from Hattieville CIB and upon seeing the police he fired two shots at the police but the police returned fire and he dropped his weapon and ran.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: After managing to evade police Lewis fled to the bushes in the Sibun area of the village where police combed for several hours. According to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police:Today the GI3 and CIB personnel went back into the area again very determined to try and locate him because we knew that he was injured following the fall and so they went back into the area and across the river they were to encounter him. So he’s now in custody, I’m happy to say that the people of Hattieville will be able to sleep with some semblance of peace because believe you me the people in that area are not contented at night when he was out there because they knew his capabilities. We’re hoping that hopefully over the weekend the police will be able to levy charges against him for the double murder as well as the other shooting that he was wanted for.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Lewis is no stranger to the law. In 2022 he was acquitted of the 2017 murder of 62 year old Mercel Samuels a resident of Hattieville. Lewis was also believed to be the trigger man behind the attempt on a man’s life last year. The ComPol said that given his criminal history Detective Rivero was heroic to put his life on the line to apprehend lewis. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Often time the work of the police is downplayed. We don’t get the credit or the recognition that we should get for the commitment and dedication that we do have for duty. Every day police officers put on their uniform and go to work not knowing if they’re going to come back home to their families alive but despite that we still go out and do our utmost best to ensure that the citizens of this country are safe. And that’s why I’ve always said that to be a police officer you must be a special breed of people. Again we do have our critics who sit on the fence and criticize us but those critics would never one day think for a minute to walk in the shoes of a police officer.” 

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