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Having Several Passports In Your Possession: Illegal or Not?

Minister Hulse went on to say that being found in the possession of other passports not belonging to you is not an offense.


“Our concern was the Belize passport. This one Belize passport was legitimately issued; it was issued to a Mr. Cabral, properly; it expires the 21st of November 2021. So if he lost his passport he needs to report that to the police.  Well, obviously the police has his passport by now or somebody has it but that would be a lost passport. The law is also clear if you lose your passport you need to report to the police and wait six weeks and that six weeks gives time to see if we can find your passport before a new one is issued and that one is canceled. There is no law that I know of, that says you cannot have a passport for somebody else because actually people do pick up passports for persons who have a passport issued to them they do so with proper authority many times you will find somebody can’t come back for the passport at the department in the evening so they sign a proper authority and say that a person can pick up their passport.  So, there is no law that says that. Also, as I said again, people that have to get visas abroad in Mexico or Guatemala or other places where we don’t have that embassy in Belize the passport has to be transported there with the application and that goes back and forth all the time so that is why it’s kind of difficult to have a law that says somebody else can’t have a passport. Now, the case is really a case for the police to find out if there is anything untoward happening and that is a police case.”


This particular case is now being investigated by the Major Crimes Unit in Belmopan.