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Head on Collision on Highway

An accident occurred outside of Dangriga after seven this morning. The head-on collision injured three persons but luckily all of them survived. Harry Arzu, LoveFM’s Southern Correspondent spoke to the officer commanding the Dangriga Police formation regarding the investigation as to the cause of the accident.

Harry Arzu: “Several persons received  head and body injuries as result of a road traffic accident that they were involved in earlier this morning. The horrific incident happened shortly after 7 o’clock in front of Golisie Primary School here in Dangriga. Love News spoke with the Superintendent of Police Leslie Wade who is commanding the Dangriga formation.

Leslie Wade: Sometime after 7 this morning we had a black Toyota Hilux at the time driven by Mr. Snider Laundry. He was traveling in the direction from Dangriga towards six miles and then we also had a lady by the name of Ms. Kelsie Martinez who was driving a white Ford Escape in the direction of six miles coming in to Dangriga town and somewhere in front of Golisie they had a head on collision with both vehicles. Both Ms. Kelsie Martinez and Karina Martinez who were inside the white Ford Escape, both persons received injuries and also we had Mr. Snider Laundry and one Ivan Jones who was inside of the black Toyota Hilux. Mr. Laundry also received injuries and the passenger Mr. Ivan Jones who inside the Toyota Hilux was not really injured. Because of the impact and the broken glass some of them received minor abrasions, cut wounds and whatever but also I must say that Ms. Kelsie Martinez was not responsive but up to present time she is now in a stable condition presently at the Southern regional Hospital. Hospital authorities are looking to transport all three persons to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. At this time we can say that the Police are investigating this matter. As it relates to the cause of the accident, based on the scene and the sketch plan we can see that the white Ford Escape was apparently in the lane of the black Hilux. As to how that persons reached in the other lane of the incoming driver is something that the Police are looking into at this time.

Harry Arzu: “Motor vehicles are expensively damaged. Reporting for Love News from Dangriga I am Harry Arzu.

The accident victims will be transported to the KHMH for observation.