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Heads Buck in Developing Mechanism in the Maya Land Rights Matter

Legal Consultant for the Commission, Tony Ross said that adequate representation for the Mayas remains a problem.


“The order said in consultation with the Maya people or their representatives we are to develop a legislative, administrative or other measures necessary to create an effective mechanism that is what we’ve got to do and we know that one side is the government and government has to be the driving force for this order because that is what the order said and it is just to get the cooperation of the other sides and I believe we’ve moved in the right direction in that there are quite of a few of these sensitization meetings that are happening and sooner or later the people that we are supposed to be consulting with will understand that they’ve got to come to the table, we’ve got a mandate and we will go forward with the mandate and hopefully with their input rather than coming to an end result and then trying to justify it to them. Some of the Maya representatives have put forward positions that we would hope the commission would adopt but it is almost to a large extend in conflict with the direction that the commission sees so as I’m saying is that we’ve got to determine who is going to be the driving force.

The Commission stated that they want to ensure equal participation of all Maya people and that includes the active participation of the Maya youth and women.