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Health CEO Says Drug Importers Must Report to Ministry

One month ago the Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero told Love News that the Drug Registry is in the process of being in place and will require the participation of all those importing pharmaceuticals.  Earlier this week, there was a release from the Ministry of Health which indicated that Customs’ entries must be presented to the Ministry of Health in Belmopan.  CEO in the Ministry of Health, Dr Ramon Figueroa spoke on both the drug registry and the requirements.


There is two things, one is the issue of customs and customs entries and the other is the establishment of a registry for Belize. What we want to do is we want to regularize the whole importation and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment because for too long we have had importations, and this is particularly for the private sector where we get a lot of pharmacies having products that come from dubious pharmaceutical companies and dubious countries; this is an international money making industry and so in our role as protecting the public we have to ensure that we put proper standards and guidelines and that is the basic purpose. We want to have all medications registered in Belize after going through proper scrutiny ensuring that they have the proper documentation in terms of manufacturing practices and in terms of the quality of the products and so that is the whole idea. In terms of customs we need to have a better control, because we are trying to enforce the importation of good quality medication we also need to ensure that the medications that are coming in go through the proper channels so we are centralizing the customs application process.”

There are about 60 registered pharmaceutical importers in Belize.