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Health Director Says Its Nothing Personal with Jose Espat Uc

Since we aired the story yesterday on Jose Luis Espat Uc and the question as to whether he is a legitimate medical doctor, he has contacted Love News threatening to sue the station and saying that he is being attacked and targeted by various entities due to his activism on corruption in Belize, particularly in the Ministry of Health.  Dr Marvin Manzanero, however, says there is no attack.


Well I don’t know Mr. Espat I have never met him, I don’t have anything personal against anybody if anybody feels that we are doing anything that has levels of corruption and that kind of thing in the current setting in terms of pharmaceuticals which I think is the bigger question they should bring that forward. We have an open desk policy we can discuss. I know that Mr. Espat had published something where I had been tagged on social media and I had been asked about it via messenger the same medium he had used I asked him, he has an open access to my office to come and discuss this situation if he feels that we are doing something wrong. I don’t think that invitation has been picked up the invitation stays the same. I don’t think that we are after anybody, not for political reasons we have so many things to worry about I’m not so sure that we are going to be personally crucifying anybody for any particular reason.”

Love News had asked Uc last Thursday to respond to the allegations that he did not complete his medical degree in Costa Rica and is not a certified medical doctor.  In his written response to Love News, Uc noted, quote, “I will call on Dr Bernard Bulwer as witness and Dr Cervantes, Dr Dupuy and Dr Estradabran.  After many messages alluding to conspiracy, Espat Uc still had not produced a copy of his medical degree or any documents that would substantiate his declarations of being a medical doctor.