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Health fair held to encourage healthy lifestyle

May is being celebrated as education month under the theme “Literacy: A Ladder to Learning and Earning”. Today, the Belize District Education Center is holding a health fair as a part of this month’s activities.  Love news was there and spoke with Darlene Lozano, Education Officer who spoke about the fair and the other activities planned for this month.

Darlene Lozano – Education Officer, Ministry of Education: We are aware that health is very important for our students, for our population because when you have healthy minds you’ll be able to learn better so we decided to do it one: as a community service and as a form of education and sensitization to the different illnesses that we have in our society and so that our children would be able to get the information and take the information back into their homes. We are looking at prevention, we are looking at how we can live a healthier lifestyle and we want to start with our students. I would just like to highlight the activities for Belize District including the Caye’s, for the Caye’s next week the 8th and the 9th we have the Reef Fair and Reef Trivia and the 10th we have the Art Exhibition at the Mexican Cultural Institute highlighting our young artist those in secondary and primary schools. We are having the festival of Arts the 15th, 16th and the 17th.”