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Health Minister Adopts Maternity Ward at KHMH

Minister of Health, Pablo Marin has adopted the Maternity Ward at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital with the intention of upgrading the rooms and facilitates for the patients.  Chief Executive Officer for the KHMH, Dr Adrian Coye, spoke to us on the minister’s initiative.


The maternity ward was recently adopted by the Ministry of Health to upgrades so we look forward to a number of the wards being brought up to a very dignified level meaning our challenges over the years have been 20 year old facility, high usage rate, high turnover rate, but it’s a facility that was built with a Mediterranean environment in mind so we have to constantly be fixing the walls, the bathrooms, the beds have to be upgraded or replaced so I think one of the efforts that Minister of Health is just going to be to uplift the ward and make some of the areas much more appealing.”

As our archives will show, the KHMH has always had an issue with accommodations for patients as it relates to hospital beds.  CEO Coye, however, says that it is a challenge that is being addressed.


Where beds are concerned we are to benefit from 20 beds from Petro Caribe, it’s about $112,000 in investments because these are custom built bed four of which will be orthopedic beds designed just for patients who are on traction and things like that. This is greatly needed. Last year we had gotten 28 beds from the US Navy, these were second hand beds but they made a big impact so we are working from the ground up and in all different directions.”

As CEO Coye mentioned, just over one hundred and twenty thousand dollars have been allotted for the beds via ALBA PetroCaribe.