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Health Minister says GOB will be Cracking Down on COVID-19 Protocols

Belize is back to its 9 pm curfew following an announcement on Friday by the Minister of Health, Michel Chebat. The new curfew regulation along with the mandatory PCR testing for non-vaccinated frontline workers came into effect on Sunday, August 1. At the start of 2021, Belize had only registered thirty-one active cases of Covid-19. Fast forward eight months later, and the country is in the middle of its third wave with four hundred and fourteen active cases; one hundred and sixty-six cases under investigation; ninety-four recently recovered and three hundred and thirty-eight deaths. According to the Health Minister the government will be cracking down on enforcement in an attempt to decrease the numbers.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “Those who are not vaccinated by the 31st of July 2021 would be required to now present a negative COVID test to their place of employment. Secondly we are moving the curfew. The curfew will now be from 9PM to 4AM and that starts on Sunday the first of August. The other change we’re making is that every tour operator and every tour guide must present their vaccination card. The other change we’re making is that in terms of casinos or any other gaming establishment they are to operate at 50% of their capacity only. Additionally we are gonna be implementing what is gonna be called a COVID enforcement unit which will have as its primary task the enforcement of the public health measures and these individuals will have the authority to go into all business establishments and public facilities to ensure that those who are present in those establishments are observing the public health measures.”