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Health Minister Says KHMH’s Board Needs to Get it Together on Medication Shortage

Health Minister Michel Chebat did not mince words today with the media when he was asked about the shortage of medical supplies and faulty equipment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). The reports from within the facility indicate that this situation has actually caused several deaths at the facility. IF you have been following the story, you would have heard in our newscast last Friday that the hospital is owed some five million dollars by the government and is operating on the bare minimum that they are unable to source the supplies they need. It is a serious situation that requires the support from the government; but it does not seem like that support will be so easily forthcoming.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Tourism: “Listen when you have a board and you have a managing authority they need to step up and take responsibility for the management of the hospital and that is where the responsibility lies. As far as we are concerned the Ministry of Health and Wellness is doing all that it can to support them and we will continue to do that. I think we need to understand that KHMH is a managing authority, they’re independent of the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The Ministry of Health and Wellness gives them , the government gives them a subsidy of $2.4 million per month and it is expected that they’re going to be able to manage appropriately. Now the government and the Ministry of Health also provides them with medication and medical equipment. I can tell you that last week Friday alone we provided them with over $125,000 worth of medication. Now it is no secret that supplies are not the way it used to be before. Even getting supplies into the country shipping has become more difficult and because of the COVID pandemic even the products are more difficult to come by and so that is another challenge that we are having however we have ordered some of these medications and we’re expecting in the short term to have those in country.”

AS for the faulty equipment, in one instance, our newsroom was informed that recently the KHMH received 35 patient monitors, and of that amount fourteen had to be returned as they were not functioning. We are also told that the anesthetic supplies are also lacking due to a reported delay in shipping and delivery of supplies. We had asked KHMHA Chairman, Dr Andre Sosa to comment but he would only say that the matter is being looked into.