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Health Minister Says Mass Vaccination Campaign Underway

Five additional COVID-19 cases were confirmed today- two in the Cayo District and three in the Belize District. This puts the number of confirmed cases, so far, in the country to more than twelve thousand six hundred cases. There are currently eighty-five active cases and one hundred persons under investigation for the disease. The overall positivity rate stands at eleven point four. So far, close to one hundred and twenty thousand tests have been done. However, only about eleven percent of the target population have been vaccinated but Health and Wellness Minister Michel Chebat says that the ministry has embarked in a mass vaccination campaign.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “The majority of the tests we’ve gotten have been through donations from Taiwan and also through PAHO the technology with testing is improving as we go along. I can tell you that we are about to embark on a month vaccination campaign and so we are guaranteeing as a Ministry of Health and Wellness that we will not allow any of our vaccinations to expire, we are gonna make sure that they get into arms before that time comes. I can tell you that we have a major outreach going on to all of our rural areas. Just recently Dr.Beer was down in Punta Gorda where we’re engaging the village leaders to help us to promote the vaccine and as to get as much of our citizens vaccinated. This is a process that’s being replicated and will be replicated throughout the country. Whether you’re testing a tourist or you’re testing a national the results must be included in the computation of where we are at any given time and so I don’t agree that the numbers are skewed and again I keep on saying that even if you don’t have faith in the numbers look at secondary evidence which comes from our hospitals.”

According to Chebat, the COVID-19 cases continue to be managed carefully. He says that the statistics related to the COVID-19 cases are not skewed.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “Shortly after Easter we saw some spikes in the numbers but thankfully it has now reached a controllable level but that does not mean to say that we should let down our guards. We continue to watch these numbers very carefully and we continue to ask the public to please adhere to the public health measures and again I repeat that as we all know this virus is spread through human contact and so we try to minimize that and encourage minimizing that as much as possible. The travel app is still being used, there are some discussions on the continued use of the app however at the Ministry of Health and Wellness it continues to be part of our surveillance.”