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Health Minister Says Vaccine Incentive are only to add Flavor to the Campaign

Meanwhile, another Belizean has lost their life due to COVID-19 related complications. Along with that death, the Ministry of Health and Wellness reports that forty-three new COVID-19 cases have been recorded for the dates of July ten to July twelve. In addition, there were eighty-six new recoveries with two hundred seventy-eight active cases of the novel coronavirus in Belize. With the recent spike in cases, we asked Minister of Health Michel Chebat if he believes the ministry’s incentive program will draw more people to get their jab.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “I think people have been saying that it’s a little bit unfair because at first some of them who had done it before thought they were not included and so people want to participate and I don’t think it is because of the incentive but you know it adds a little flavor to it. I know that BTL published some of their winners yesterday and so you know it’s just to encourage people to come out. You know I wouldn’t put too much weight on the incentives.”

Of the cases reported today, nine of them are in the Toledo District, fifteen cases are in the Belize District, and three are from San Pedro. Four cases were tallied in Orange Walk and one from Corozal. The Cayo district saw nine cases and Stann Creek Districts reported two cases combined.