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Health project to benefit children in Southern Belize

Paul Mahung reporting…

The inspection visits to project sites under construction in rural Toledo was done by Toledo District Health Council chairman Alejandro Vernon.

Alejandro Vernon – Chairman, TDHC

“We embarked on a one day rural health visit to various communities, inspecting some of the projects going on under the Japan grant which was launched about four years ago with funds donated to our government by the Japanese government to be used to improve children’s health and nutrition in the Toledo district, especially children under five years old. The program is made up of five components. The number one component is to assist expectant mothers so that they would have the proper nutrition so that when they give birth, they would give birth to strong healthy children. Today we embarked on a visit to Health Post which was refurbished, repaired and built under the Japan grant. We visited Sundaywood Health Post and Otoxha. These health posts also have a shed with benches that will be installed. We also visited San Lucas Health Post which has a spanking new building, with new toilets and a shed for benches for patients waiting to get medical attention from doctors and nurses. We also visited the village of Aguacate where you have a health post refurbished, waiting shed and toilets. We also went over to the village of Pueblo Viejo where a solar panel unit has been installed just above the satellite clinic there, the health clinic in Pueblo Viejo. Our trip also took us to Big Falls where we visited the school and saw gardening screen house. This gardening screen house measures sixty feet by eighteen feet. It will be used by the students in the school where they will make nurseries of plants and there are also other projects and other donations being granted under this grant for schools in the line of computers, projectors, cellphones for students and also other persons that need medical attention and these community health workers are doing a very wonderful job in the thirty four communities. We have come a long way. We have held workshops with expectant mothers, with leaders of villages, mothers especially in Alcaldes, the chairmen and a lot of funds have been disbursed to consultants in this respect.”

Paul Mahung, Love News

The visit by Alejandro Vernon to sites in connection with Improving Health and Nutrition Project in Toledo, ended with his visit to Little Flowers School Garden Screen House Site in Forest Home Village.