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Healthy six weeks baby dies in sleep

A couple in Belize City have lost their six week old daughter. The mother,  Simbiat Garnett said that the baby, Ryhnaye (pronounced Renee) Rowland, had not displayed any health complications. Garnett and her husband were sleeping with the child and on Monday morning, between three o’clock and three thirty, Garnett found she was not breathing.

Simbiat Garnett Mother of Deceased: “Well I check my baby hourly because I know she is a sleeping person so I got up at like one o’clock and I checked her. When I checked here she was breathing and everything. When I got up at 2 o’clock and checked her she was still fine. I got up at like 2:30 again when I noticed that she was crying. When I got up I fed her, burped her and put her back to sleep on her belly. When I got up again at like 3 o’clock and checked her she was motionless with no kind of breathing or anything. All I could have done was run inside, hail my brother in law and I was wondering if it was only me feeling it. I wasn’t feeling a heartbeat or anything so I gave the baby to him for him to check him and when I carried her outside I shouted for my aunt. I asked her to please check the baby because the baby is not breathing and she checked him, pumped him and everything. We called the ambulance and it came twenty minutes after. We told them to get the pump and thing to pump and everything and she didn’t come back any at all.”

Dalila Ical: “Was she presenting any difficulties or problems before that night?”

Simbiat Garnett Mother of Deceased: “No she didn’t cry or anything and was normal.”

Dalila Ical: “She was a full term baby?”

Simbiat Garnett Mother of Deceased: “Yes fully nine months. I had her one day overdue, the only thing that happened was she had the cord around her neck when she was first born.”

Dalila Ical:Doctors did not say if there could be any complications?

Simbiat Garnett Mother of Deceased: “They just said that she was a healthy baby because I had her the 22nd and on the 23rd I had already gone home. This was my last baby because I have two baby girls but I showed two of them the same love that I could have shown her. I show the other ones so I must could have been able to show the last one the same thing. I don’t know it just hurts bad because I know that my baby is not in an abusive home or getting any kind of hurt. Didn’t drop anything and it just happened sudden like this and I just don’t understand it.”

A post mortem on the child is expected to be done tomorrow. Police have not commented on the matter except to say that they are awaiting the autopsy results.