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“…heart sank” say Deputy Prime Minister on Trump statement

So what does Belize have to say about the US President’s Statement? This morning Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber responded to questions on the matter.

Patrick Faber – Deputy Prime Minister

“I saw that and my heart sank and to an extent the President is right, to an extent. The extent is that America should have the right to do what they want, they are just as the rest of us are an autonomous state and should have the right to do what they see fit. So if they want to move the capital then that is fine, the portion of what he said that I absolutely don’t agree with and in fact as I listened to it on my television last night my heart absolutely sank, it is really unfortunate that he made such a comment. Because these very same countries that may not have agreed with him on that point these are the countries that support the United States. The United States cannot be great on its own, it relies on those countries and when you are making those kinds of comments and it is targeted to those countries especially that are in your own backyard then to me that doesn’t make very good political sense. Of course Belize is just a hopstep and throw away from the United States, there is only one country that separates us, and it seems that Belize is on that chopping agenda and I’m hoping that through the efforts of diplomacy we can work these things out. It is never in our interest or our region to quarrel with the great United States but just as how they have that right to be autonomous Belize of course has the same right and other countries in our region have that same right. It is evident that that is something that he is not only contemplating, if he said it in the State of the Union last night it may well be that this is something that is already in train. But again I am one of those who believe that we can work these things out through diplomacy and that is something we will discuss further at the cabinet and of course leave in the hands of the Foreign Minister whose primary responsibility it is to engage with our partners big and small to try to ensure that we have good working relationships.”

We will keep following this story.