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HEARTS OF CHRIST Women’s Conference

There is a conference in the capital, designed to improve the outlook, confidence and faith of women. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz reports on the 8th annual conference.

Fem Cruz: “ Over 300 ladies from Roaring Creek and surrounding villages in Cayo South participated in the eighth annual Women’s Conference hosted by Hearts of Christ Ministry. Mary Haze the organizer spoke to Love News about the three days conference.

Mary Haze: “Brother Fem we just appreciate the opportunity to come in as a team from the US as a Ministry to these ladies. Hearts of Christ has hosted it and has been gracious to us and the women in the village have been really excited. They have talked about all of the excitement that they received and they were walking away from there knowing who they were and Christ and that was our hope just trying to empower them to walk in who they know and be able to walk it out.

Fem Cruz: “ Love news spoke to two of the ladies who said that they are ready now to walk the walk instead of talk the talk.”

Pauline Tillet Participant: “I am blessed and energized from this three day Women’s Conference in Roaring Creek. This conference encourages me to walk the walk with Christ. It is not an easy walk but I know that I can do it with the help of God.”

Jessica Cruz: “I attended the three days Women’s Conference at Hearts of Christ and it was a really good time. I enjoyed it and many hearts were blessed and I want to thank the team who came and blessed us.

This is brother Fem Cruz reporting for Love FM.