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HECOPAB holds health fair

Today, a health fair was held at Central Health Region as a part of Public Service Week, which is being celebrated under the theme “Moving Towards the Future with Innovation, Dedication, and Perseverance”. Love News spoke with Shadract Ariola, Health Educator at HECOPAB about the event.

Shadract Ariola – Health Educator, HECOPAB: This health fair today is in celebration of Public Service Week so we are collaborating with the Public Service Comity for Belize district in organizing this Health Fair so today we have representative from different NGO’s and also from Ministry of Health Departments just presenting some basic information in respect to basically information and then also we have a few that’s providing basic service today for the public servants and the public officers of Belize. Until today we have the Veter Public Health Department, we have specifically the Veter Control Unit who have information about different vector born disease, we also have Maternal and Child Health or MCH and they are providing basic service doing Blood Sugar Test and Blood Pressure Test. Cancer society who is here with us as well and they are providing basic information, cancer prevention and cancer awareness on a whole.

Love News also spoke with Leslian Ramirez, an intern, at the Belize Cancer Society.

Leslian Ramirez – Intern, Belize Cancer Society: Most commonly I have seen lots of Breast Cancer, lots of Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer on the rise as well, Testicular Cancer is also a problem, Uterine Cancer, mainly Cervical like I said which is related to the HPV Vaccine which is something that we are really trying to encourage young men and women to get because it is one of the Cancers that is very preventable through that and also through Pap Smears.

There are other activities planned for the rest of the week.