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Help is available for those with epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which a person develops abnormal brain activity leading to seizures or periods of unusual behavior. There are many persons living with epilepsy in Belize. Dr. Marco Mendez, a Neurologist spoke to Love News about how parents could help their children who are living with the disease.

Dr. Marco Mendez Neurologist: There are different types of Epilepsy and I mention that so there are certain types of Epilepsy that are going to have warning sign. For example children will see odd things or maybe they would smell something odd or just the noise and then they would have the seizure. Of course by having it frequently the parents will know when the person will have it. The most important thing is to try to find a safe place because if they have the seizures then one tries to protect the brain because they might have the convulsions and all the manifestations that comes with the seizures. By having adequate treatment then is the best way on how the child is going to be preventing seizures but it is important that studies be done. Electroencephalogram, the brain waves as to see where it arises or what type of seizures the child is presenting.

Jonelle Mckenzie: What kind of life can someone look forward to who has this type of illness and how long would they live?

Dr. Marco Mendez Neurologist: A child depending on the type of Epilepsy; there are many different types.They are in two big groups: one that is what we call a partial and one that we call a generalized. That entire brain is affected or let’s say the entire brain sends those abnormal electrical activity. The partial one just a little area where it is affected and of course it is just like that area; it’s just like I would say a scar but it’s on the brain and that area is excited and it will be sending electrical activity and the person could have the seizure. If that person is given the adequate quantity and type of medication and the person doesn’t have a seizure during two to three years; the International Association in Epilepsy states that; that person most probably is already cured and then one starts to decrease dominication and they will have normal life.

Kaylia Nunez, the founder of the Belize Brain Awareness Society, recently formed the organization to help persons who may have a brain disorder. Having survived two brain aneurysms, she is now on a campaign to create awareness of the different types of brain disease. Nunez told Love News that she will be holding a clinic on August 30th.

Kaylia Nunez Founder- Belize Brain Awareness Society: Those that have severe anxiety, those that have severe depressions, those that have Epilepsy, Brain Tumors,Brain Cancer, ADHD, the kids that have special needs, the adults that have special needs, the Aneurysm, the malformation, the sleepiness, the sickness and the list goes on. It’s actually 380 neurological illnesses that are out out there that we have been neglecting and ignoring for quite some time and all we are doing is simply going to the doctor and getting treated or getting consultation but here we have a team. A team of people that are willing to bring forth the awareness and help persons with the prevention and assist them in ways that they need assistance and we. I would want the Belizean public to take advantage of the organization because for me that had two brain aneurysm I didn’t have no where to take advantage of these organizations. I didn’t have anywhere to go.


Consultants will be available to the public at the clinic.