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Help for Holy Angel Wanted

Will there be help for Holy Angel? That’s what everyone is asking about the Roman Catholic School which sits along the scenic Stann Creek Valley in Pomona. The roof of one of the buildings is infested with bats and bat guano, while termites and rat infestation are also endemic on the compound. President of the Belize National Teachers Union, Elena Smith, says the teachers, students and parents are trying their best to find funding to repair the school but she hopes that the public and business community also hear the call and will be willing to assist Holy Angel.

President of the BNTU Elena Smith: “They do not own these schools, they only work in these schools. The management owns these schools and so it is getting to the point where the poor teachers and the parents are finding ways of fundraising to get monies to do the repairs. It is good for them because it shows that they are concerned about their students and their school but it is not their responsibility. It places another burden on them that is not necessary. You have to be worrying about teaching your students, about doing your lesson plans, about doing all of these other things and now you have to worry about fixing a building that is not your responsibility. I applaud your efforts but really and truly the school needs the help and if there is anybody out there, any business place, any group that is willing to assist the schools with either materials or finances for them to be able to do the necessary repairs please I ask that your kindly reach out to them and give them your assistance because it is important because our children are punishing and so are our teachers.”

As the dire situation continues, the BNTU will keep dialoguing with the school management in hopes it will do its part to fix the institution.