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Herbal Healer Shares Some Remedies

Aurora Garcia Saqui is a traditional healer, cultural and community activist, artisan, culinary practitioner and entrepreneur. Saqui is a Yucatec Maya, who is well known for practicing authentic Maya culture. She has published two books: a cookbook with traditional Mayan recipes and plants in 2013 and Maya Herbal Medicine book in 2016. In the second book, Saqui writes about 100 plants used to prepare remedies that have been passed down from her well-known uncle and mentor Don Elijio Panti. Saqui shared some of her ]]]]]]]]]]best herbal remedies with our newsroom. 

Aurora Saqui, Herbal Healer: “I have over sixty different products of herbal remedies that I do myself with the different plants. These are all natural and that is how we can harvest the forest. I see nowadays more and more Belizeans are losing their hair and it is because we want because we have so much good products that we can use from the forest. So one of the products that I know it works and will help you is the shampoo. I have the shampoo, I have the conditioner and I have also the hair tonic and oil. That you apply it on your hair and it stops losing it and it rebuilds it again, it grows it abundantly and then it also makes it grow fast. And it also helps you keep the color of your hair. The other product I want to talk to about too today is the COVID because we are in this pandemic and sometimes we have different things that we can use too from the forest. For example I have a combination of tea which I call the immune booster and that helps you so that you don’t get sick that quick, not only from the cough and flu but also to boost your immune system and so that is a combination of different plants too that helps you build your system so that you can be immune not only for COVID but a lot of other sicknesses.” 

Reporter: You have the hand sanitizer as well.

Aurora Saqui, Herbal Healer: “Yes. Besides the tea we have the hand sanitizer products and it’s very good. You know the hand sanitizer you can even spray your food with it like vegetables and fruits and you can eat it.”

Saqui says that her business, The Maya Center, is open for everyone who is willing to try her products. 

Aurora Saqui, Herbal Healer: “I am practicing healing. I am a herbal healer for over twenty years from my teacher died. My teacher is known to be one of the best healers in Belize and Central America and his name is Don Elijio Panti, he was the healer of my village at that time when I was very young and I trained under him for eight years and then after I got married then I stopped and I was still not a healer until the time of his death. That is the time I was having a dream which you know when I was learning from him he usually tells me I’m going to be the next healer, I never believed it. That day when he was dying in my village I had a dream and in my dream I heard him calling me and he said you know what Mama this is your time to do the healing and that is when I woke up and it was only a dream. That same day I had my first patient come to visit me and a little later my sister from my village called me and said my uncle died so I didn’t have any choice but to continue his healing.”

Reporter: So what are some of the healing that you do and cleansing ? 

Aurora Saqui, Herbal Healer: “Okay I have a place in Maya Center that we call the H’men Herbal Center and Botanical Garden. The H’men we refer in my language, the Yucatan language, as a healer. In the Mopan language you would call a healer Ilmah or the tourist would call me a Shaman that is a South American language but what I do in my center there I have spaces where you can stay, rooms and then also we have a restaurant that is open only on orders right now you call me and we do Mayan Belizean food for you. And then we also have my healing center, my botanical garden where I would want to invite some of our Belizean people that we can’t travel abroad now but we can travel to Belize. You can go and visit my garden I have different species of plants that you can learn about the medicine and then also in my place I can do cleanses for you. I can read you with the crystal ball also I do that reading and I also do spiritual cleansing.”

 You can find Saqui’s business on the Southern Highway.