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Heredia discusses measures to prevent another disaster

Over the weekend, San Pedro experienced a fire which destroyed ten structures and left over eighty residents homeless.  San Pedro is a popular tourist destination and more fires like the one experienced on Saturday can have a negative impact on the tourism industry. Area representative and Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia said that it is cause for concern. Heredia added that steps are being taken to prevent another major fire from occurring.

Manuel Heredia – Area Representative, Belize Rural South: “I’m concerned about anything that can affect my constituency particularly Caye Caulker and San Pedro they are the two biggest and anything that can affect them or will affect them I have to make sure that we take the necessary precautions and probably we have been slipping a little but I believe that at this point now we will make sure that there is better equipment, we can better train people to perform their duties. At cabinet yesterday we discussed about the possibilities that I am sure BTL will be donating a fire engine to the island and also we are looking at the possibility of portable pumps that we can probably have one on the southside of San Pedro, one where it exists now and one on the northern part so that wherever it starts you can start with something until you complement with the rest- but we are serious now about trying to make sure that we can get the best equipment possible should in the future anything like this occurs again.”

NEMO is providing assistance to the affected families.