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HFLE Curriculum revised after consultation with churches

At the beginning of the month we reported on the training of trainers’ workshop that was held and which surrounded adjustments made to the HFLE Curriculum for the upcoming academic year. In 2012 the Ministry of Education had come under fire by stakeholders especially the churches who expressed serious concerns over the HFLE Teachers’ Manual that was developed. One of the much debated subjects was the incorporation of sex education in the classrooms. Minister of Education Patrick Faber explained that after the training, church officials seemed to be pleased.


Patrick Faber – Deputy Prime Minister

“You rightly said that yes we had to withdraw the manual, a manual that we had endorsed that was causing some uneasiness on the part of some stakeholders especially the church. I hasten to point out though that at no point did we withdraw the curriculum for HFLE. The curriculum for HFLE has been long standing. So what the church had a problem with was that manual that guided teachers in a particular way which was withdrawn and in this instance what was revised was not the manual there is no manual but the curriculum as you pointed out .So we have never been without an HFLE curriculum. That curriculum is now revised, we were careful to engage the stakeholders even before we are offering the training now to the trainers as you pointed out. The general managers when they saw the changes that were being made to the curriculum invited us to come and make a presentation to their General Manager’s Association that would have included in that special meeting the church leaders because you know some denominations have schools. Those that have a schools have a general manager sometimes who is not a part of the clergy and so it was a meeting of the clergy, those general managers and the Ministry of Education and I am told that at the end of those sessions that the church was pleased, all the players were pleased with what was being put into the new curriculum for HFLE.”