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High Level delegation visit to Taiwan


Earlier in the newscast we told you that Belize sent a delegation on an official visit to Taiwan. In addition to meeting President Tsai Ing-Wen, there were several meetings attended by the Belize delegation. Love News spoke to President of the Senate and lead of the expedition who explained the possibilities discussed during their high level sessions in Taiwan.

Lee Mark Chang – President of Senate:  “There was a delegation of four persons including myself, Senator Salazar, CEO Singh, and Minister Hugo Patt. First of all of course we met with President Sai and we also met with the Foreign Minister, we also met President Su of the Legislative Yuan which is in the Pingtung District down south in Taiwan. It was a very fruitful trip and a great experience, also the things that we touched on when we met with a representative from the Evergreen Shipping Company whom we were made to understand that has a lot of empty containers that are shipped back to Taiwan each year. We also met with a group called Taiwan Sugar Corp and we were discussing the possibility of the export of sugar to Taiwan through these empty containers. We also asked for some assistance in terms of prosecution, I do believe that they told us that Minister Peyrefitte was there and that is the pipeline. We also visited the aquaculture area which is down south in the Pingtung and I was amazed. I just left a meeting where I gave the information with the ambassador to Minister Castro of the possibility of doing Goliath Grouper farming which I think that is very interesting because the Goliath Grouper, if you know, can live in the brackish and saltwater and in order to supply us the local market with seafood Goliath Grouper is one of the most sought fillets in Belize.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Is it something that is feasible for smaller fishers to do or is it something that will bring a great amount of capital to invest?”

Lee Mark Chang – President of Senate:The reason why we visited, and I went and had a meeting with Minister Castro a while ago is because his area already has a lot of tilapia farming and it is the same concept. The Taiwanese are willing to come and give us the technical assistance, there are talks of bringing a pilot project first to see the feasibility and to bring in the technical assistance to where we can train our local farmers who are already in the tilapia business.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “What lesson were there to be learned in regards to the sugar industry being that ours is in a decline because of falling market prices in the EU for example?”

Lee Mark Chang – President of Senate: Well first of all our shipping back to Taiwan will be less lengthy because these containers actually go back empty so there will be a discussion in terms of the pricing for the containers. I must make mention first that everything we are discussing is in the discussion phase, it is very early in the stages of getting it done. Mr. Singh is preparing to give a briefing to the Prime Minister and of course Minister Castro is already discussing the possibility of the Goliath Grouper farming in Belize.”