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High powered rifle found in Corozal

Police have recovered a high powered firearm and have launched a full investigation into its history. ACP Joseph Myvett says that the department does not issue licenses for the weapon, a 7.62 caliber rifle. He says it was found by Corozal Police on Tuesday night after seven o’clock.

ACP Joseph Myvett – Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch: “Corozal police acting upon information visited an area in the Dominguez layout where upon visiting a bushy lot they discovered a single action 7.62 caliber rifle in some bushes and at the time it had one 7.62 round of ammunition in the chamber. The weapon was processed and then removed, no one was in the area so it is deposited as found property at this time whilst we do further investigation. It is a high powered weapon and certainly the caliber, there is no license given for that caliber which is 7.62. We are looking at several information in relation to that too as a person known to the Police does live a distance away from there. Though not too close but we are looking at that possibility as well hence the reason we did process the weapon and then thereafter that will be sent to the forensic unit for further examination.”

ACP Myvett says they are trying to determine whether the weapon has been used in any recent crimes./////////Police still have no leads into the attack of Byron Chu, the owner of Maya World Guest House in North Corozal Town. Chu was found inside his kitchen badly injured and bleeding profusely on the morning of April 18. He had been attacked inside his guest house located on Second Street North in Corozal Town. Investigators are following several leads but nothing concrete has been uncovered so far.

ACP Joseph Myvett – Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch: “There are no immediate surveillance cameras in that area however those outside of that perimeter area was also viewed but no useful information was had from that.”

Reporter: “Do we know if his phone was burglarized? Anything was stolen? Any money missing? Any personal items?”

ACP Joseph Myvett – Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch: “At this point in time no we do not know, we know though that some of his employees had spoken to him. The last one spoke to him around 4:30 AM that morning and he was found sometime around 8 AM the said morning.”

Reporter: “So is it still unknown as to why he was attacked, sir?”

ACP Joseph Myvett – Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch: “Yes at this point in time we do not have a clear motive.”

Byron Chu is now in stable condition.Police have found more drugs on San Pedro Ambergris Caye. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of the Crimes Investigation Branch for Belize City says the find was made this morning.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head of CIB Belize City: “Just after 9 AM San Pedro Police was called to the old cemetery in San Pedro where information was received of a suspected parcel to be in the cemetery. Upon police arrival at the cemetery, they discovered a rectangular parcel, when opened it contained suspected cannabis. The cannabis was taken to the station, it was weighed and amounted approximately about 2.5 kilos. No one was arrested and no one was in the area.”

Today’s press brief took place at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel.