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Hijos del West Marimba group back from Taiwan

After spending an entire month performing at the Yilan International Children’s Folklore and Folkgame Festival in Taiwan, the Hijos del West Marimba group returned today, where they were greeted by family and friends. The founder of the group, Ian Yacab spoke to the media about his experience.

Founder of Group Ian Yacab: It was a very wonderful experience. I could say we come back very motivated because we experience many things that we don’t see in our country. We saw many opportunities there that we do not see here but that doesn’t mean that we cannot go out there and achieve them. In Belize we are waiting for someone to see us and we shouldn’t be doing that. We need to go out there and promote our own selves. Nobody is going to do it for us so it has been  a wonderful experience and we have learned so much and we came back motivated. Benque Viejo itself has a lot of talent to offer and I said man when I was there and I saw other groups performing I said man we could do a much better job so hopefully next year we will plan to go to another festival and bring more of the folkloric things Benque Viejo has to offer the world.

Yacab also said they felt very welcomed in Taiwan and worked very hard while there.

Founder of Group Ian Yacab: The people over there; they treat us very well and it was very sad to come back because we met a lot of people there and the emotions god mixed and a lot of sadness because we never know when we are going to see those persons again. In Taiwan we love our music profession in a more fully manner I could say it was very hard performing everyday for two times a day. Other groups had more breaks but we didn’t have any breaks. We were playing from Monday to Sunday two times a day and we were like man when are we going to have a break and I was motivating my group and telling them let’s go guys we came for this we didn’t come to party or relax. We came to promote Belize and to do what we like which is playing the Marimba music.

Since their return, the Hijos del West Marimba group is already scheduled for a local performance.  They will perform in San Ignacio for the opening of the September celebrations.