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Hipolito Bautista dies at 69

Businessman and former politician, Hipolito Bautista Senior passed away this morning.  The 69-year-old resident of Belmopan suffered a stroke and had experienced several complications. 

Businessman and former politician, Hipolito Bautista Senior passed away this morning.  The 69-year-old resident of Belmopan suffered a stroke and had experienced several complications.  Love News has learnt that Bautista died at around eight-thirty this morning at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City.  Eneida Perrera, Sister of Bautista, spoke to Love News and stated that her brother was a very kind and honorable man who only wanted to see his country Prosper.

Eneida Perrera, Sister of Hipolito Bautista: “I called him and told him I’m coming over so I went there Monday and he was looking very weak and he told me that he was tired, he can’t breath and stuff like that. I spoke to him and everything and I told him, which is Tuesday morning, I’m coming back and he asked me to “Please come and see me I missed you a lot.”, because I was away in Merida on medical for my husband. And when I came back and I went with him he didn’t want me to leave him, he said he was weak and sick and stuff like that and I told him not to worry that I would come back on Tuesday morning early and that I would take him to Chetumal to see a neurologist for those strokes because when I went there he was babbling like he couldn’t talk clearly. So I said maybe it was another stroke coming on. He was such a loving, kind and very humble. He was retired and he was growing his own little lime trees and selling his trees and he loved acting, the little theater acting, the Belizean shows about Belize and stuff, he just loved to see people come and laugh and have fun. You know I supported him in that I sold tickets for him, anything my brother does I’m always there with him. Sometimes you get too busy working and you don’t visit as much, but I always when I go to Belmopan I go visit with him. I feel that I should have retired so I could spend more time with him so I would tell people when you get like age 60, 62 like myself I think retire and spend time with your family because I really didn’t think my brother would go so fast.”

Bautista is known in the political arena as he has contested several elections both as an independent candidate and as a part of the Belize Progressive Party.  Love News also spoke to Patrick Rogers, leader of the BPP.

Patrick Rogers, Party Leader, Belize Progressive Party: “I can tell you that Belize lost a true patriot in brother Hipolito Bautista. Brother Hipolito is as smart as any Belizean as I’ve ever ran into, he rose to the top of the civil service on merit. In those days no politician could make you CEO and take you from pay scale 7 to 30 or whatever, you had to on merit based on your cerebral abilities and how much work you put in along the way upgrading yourself to reach at the top. So that is what brother Hipolito Bautista brought to the table when I met him as a young man at 32 some twenty years ago where he helped mentor me and taught me, conditioned me to understand the concept of leadership. So that is what I stand here today to let you know that that is a silent hero that died. That is one my mentors that when we said we are laying the foundations for future generations myself will be falling along the way because the work is a continuum, never stops even when we feel we’ve gotten rid of the queen, two parties that serves the queen and an alternative party wants to serve people wins our work will have just begun because they don’t let go their system easily. So we’re grooming younger leaders the same way Hipolito took me under his wings and grew me and I stand here before you as a lion, I have not bowed yet and they can’t climb on your back if you don’t bow and we have changed and when you’re ready to change you change yourself and vote for people like brother Hipolito. He never went back to red and blue.”

Bautista served as the Director for the Commercial Free Zone for about fifteen years as a public officer in the Ministry of Trade and Industry.