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History of Corozal Bay Division

In an effort to continue fulfilling our mandate to educate and inform, we join Renee Trujillo for a brief history of the Corozal Bay division, one of the thirty one electoral constituencies in Belize.

“There are six thousand seven hundred and thirty eight voters registered as at September 2015 in the Corozal Bay constituency.  Corozal Bay is one of the four electoral divisions in the Corozal District with the voters showing a preference for the People’s United Party since the division was established in the early eighties.  There have been seven general elections since the Corozal Bay came into being and in that time there have been three Area Representatives.  The first general election held with Corozal Bay as an electoral division was in 1984 with Israel Alpuche under the United Democratic Party winning the seat, defeating Doctor Gregorio Garcia.  Alpuche did not seek re-election and only recently passed away in July 2014.  Following Alpuche’s term in office, the People’s United Party gained the popularity of the Corozal Bay voters with Vildo Marin elected as the Area Representative in 1989.   Vildo Marin would hold on to that title for about nineteen years and in 2008, he was defeated by eight hundred and ten votes, making Pablo Marin, the now current Minister of Health, as the division’s Area Representative.  With elections right around the corner, the voters of the Corozal Bay division will go to the polls once again to decide which man will govern their area.  The candidates who are slated to run in the area are Gregorio ‘Papas’ Garcia, son of Doctor Gregorio Garcia who has had his time in the political arena with the PUP; under the United Democratic Party, Pablo Marin will be seeking re-election whilst the Belize Progressive Party is putting forth Roy Rodriguez as their Standard Bearer.  The Corozal Bay constituency, since its establishment in 1984 has grown two thousand five hundred and sixty three registered voters to just under sixty eight hundred.  Reporting for Love News, I am Renee Trujillo.”