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History Teacher says be informed as Belizeans head to the polls on April 10

During our interview with CEM-JC’s History teacher, Nancy Leiva, we asked her about her position on the ICJ Referendum. Leiva says that she has re-registered and will be voting on April 10.

Nancy Leiva History Teacher: I think it is important because it is an opportunity that I see for me to be able to voice my opinion on seeking some form of resolution to a claim that our country has been prisoner to for quite some time and I think that if I ever have children I wouldn’t want them to inherit this claim from Guatemala and I think that I am sure of my vote on the April 10th Referendum as long as I am alive.”

Dalilah Ical: “ And that would be a yes?”

Nancy Leiva History Teacher: Yes I think it would definitely be a yes for me. I am not afraid to say it. I do teach Belizean history but not because I am a teacher and because I teach Belizean history that I am going to have more knowledge from anybody else about the claim because I am a Belizean first and I think I will not sit back and wait for people to tell me about the claim. I have known about the issue long before the Referendum came up and long before people were being educated about it. I must say yes that I have started reading much more about it. I have tried to find information on what Guatemala’s position would be and I always go back to being sure of my country that it will remain in tact.

Leiva encouraged Belizeans to learn about the case to make an informed decision.  Deadline for voters to re-register in order to vote in the referendum is March 10.