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Hit and Run Victim Dies; Family Demands Answers

31-year-old Hector Nicholas Chuc was hit by a vehicle on Friday night December 22, 2017 and was left in critical condition. He succumbed to his injuries last weekend. Chuc was found on the side of the road by police but to date, police have been unable to find the driver of the vehicle which ran him over. His sister Abby Chuc says the family is seeking answers.

Abby Chuc – Sister of deceased

“What I understand happened is that he was on the bus on the last but on the express James Bus and while on his way he asked the conductor to use the bathroom. What the conductor answered him is that since they caught the express bus they can’t give him permission to use the bathroom and I don’t think that’s right for them to do that to him and they just waited to reach a speed bump and they took him out of the bus and didn’t wait for him. He was traveling with his wife and the other thing I am concerned with is that why did they not mention it to his wife that they put him down and didn’t have time to wait for him? They should have spoken to the wife and took the wife down as well to see what she could have done but she didn’t notice. They were about to reach Belmopan when they noticed that he was missing from the bus. He had paid his passage, they charged him $28 each person, $28 for him and $28 for his wife and I called Jamie on Tuesday and asked him if it was right that they left my brother on the highway just because he wanted to use the bathroom if that it is right and drove off and he told me that he was going to contact some PR and up today I haven’t received a response from them.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

Can you say right now if the family intends to seek some sort of compensation or if the family seeks to sue the bus line?

Abby Chuc – Sister of deceased

 “Well I think we are going to do it because I don’t think its right and its not the first time this has happened.”


Chuc was on life support for about a week and was able to breathe on his own but days after, he passed away at the KHMH.