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Hit and run victim needs blood for operation

Hilton Conorquie is at the KHMH waiting to undergo surgery after he was a victim of a hit and run incident on August 15. It happened near mile 8 on the George Price Highway and the driver left him for dead. While he has shown great improvements, he needs to undergo surgery but the doctors at the KHMH have asked his family to collect blood. His sister, Therese Leiva, told us that after collecting three pints of blood and taking it to the hospital, she was told this morning, that they have no record of it.

 Therese Leiva – Sister

This morning we went upstairs to see if they went into surgery when I got up there my brother told me that he can’t do the surgery because they said that they cannot find the original copy of the blood so I did a copy so I have the copy to show and let them know that we have donated the blood already. So they wheeled him back to the theater because they say that they can’t find the original blood. We would like them to do my brother’s surgery as quick as possible because that is my brother. The both of his feet are broken and his hands are broken. My sister and our family are concerned and we want them to do the surgery as quick as possible and so we are asking the public to donate O+ as quick as possible because he cannot move his legs or his hands and he is saying that he has pains in his feet and back and he can’t move and we don’t want him to get bed sores. We don’t know if he has bed sores already I just want to public to come and support with some O+ blood for my brother I really need the assistance. He cannot move, whomever knocked down my brother please contact me as soon as possible.”

If you would want to donate blood you can call Leiva at cell phone number, 601-5917 or 668-0636