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Hitchhiker stabs good Samaritan

On Friday a Guatemalan National was murdered in southern Belize. At 4:30 pm, Marcos Chen was stoned while heading to a fishing area in Bladen Village. Chen fell down and then got into a fight with the man who stoned him. Shortly after the man’s brothers attacked Chen and chopped him to death. The police are looking for suspects. The other murder incident occurred early yesterday morning at 9 a.m. at the entrance to Independence Village. And it’s a telling tale of caution as to why you shouldn’t let your guard down when offering rides to strangers.  Dangriga correspondent Harry Arzu reports on the incident during which Marcos Ack was stabbed by a hitchhiker.

Harry Arzu Stann Creek Correspondent: “48 year old Marcus Ack who was a vegetable vendor from Red Bank Village in the Stann Creek District was murdered on the Southern Highway while on his way to Independence Village. His vehicle was loaded with vegetables which he had just bought to start the day’s sale. On his way he picked up a dark in complexion male person who inflicted a fatal stab wound to the right side of his chest. According to eyewitness reports the culprit who reportedly committed the crime did not make it far before Police captured him. Love News travelled to Red Bank Village and spoke with the deceased’s sister in law Petrona Chub.

Harry Arzu: “So tell us what you know about what happened yesterday?”

Petrona Chub, Sister in Law: “Yesterday he got stabbed by a black man, we didn’t know him but they said he was a black man. He came out the vehicle and tried to escape and to get away from the man so that they didn’t stab him again but he couldn’t and he fell right there. He has no problem with anybody, he doesn’t fight, even when drunk he doesn’t do anything. He would sometimes come in at 9 o’clock or 11 o’clock drunk with the truck but he usually comes in. I don’t know if he get stab like this but he wasn’t drunk when he left.”

Harry Arzu Stann Creek Correspondent: “Aldano Salam who works at Escalante Gas Service Station in Independence Village told Love News that he saw Marcus Ack’s vehicle on the Savanna Rd. in front of the gas station as he shouted for help.”

Aldano Salam: “When the vehicle parked the two guys came out of the vehicle: the one that stab the man and the one that got stabbed. While they came out of the vehicle the man called for help and immediately we run outside and we saw that when he came out of the vehicle he was stabbed and blood was running from his chest and from there I got a vehicle from the company and then carried him to the hospital.”

Harry Arzu Stann Creek Correspondent:  “What happened next?”

Aldano Salam: “From there we were going and he told me that the man asked him for money but he didn’t have any money with him.

Harry Arzu: Reporting for Love News from Red Bank Village I am Harry Arzu.”