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Home burglarized in Punta Gorda

A quantity of cash was stolen yesterday from a home in Punta Gorda. We hear more in this report from correspondent Paul Mahung.

Paul Mahung

Owner of the home Francilia Williamson spoke to Love News about the incident.

Home owner, Francilia Williamson

“Monday this guy happens to work for me off and on was at my residence and he happened to go on my back stairs upstairs I left my backdoor open and I was downstairs with another guy that was repairing a radio for me downstairs I stayed down there for thirty minutes, within that time he went upstairs and stole $2,000, a hundred US and the rest was BH currency and he left my premises around 12pm but he went with my purse with all this currency. The suspect is about 5’9 he is dark skinned tall slender built.”

Paul Mahung

The home where the incident occurred is located at 23 Jose Maria Nunez Street.