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House Fire Forces Evacuation of Students from Nearby School

A two story concrete home on Allenby Street in Belize City caught fire sometime after nine o’clock this morning. No one was present in the uninsured, south side home when the structure became engulfed in flames.  Inspector Ernel Dominguez is the Executive Deputy Officer for Precinct One spoke and he spoke on the quick response of the authorities to the scene.


“There was some information of a fire at 79 Allenby Street. As a result of that information Precinct 1 personnel responded, me as the person in charge I came on the scene to assess that all the measures were in place. I must say it was perfectly in order, the fire service did arrive, they were able to contain the fire after half an hour and I must say that so far it is the way it is.”

Operations Manager of National Fire Service, Oren Smith spoke on the preliminary investigation.


“At 0935 on Friday November 20 2015 the National Fire Service received a call of a structural fire at #79 Allenby Street Belize City. On arrival on scene the upper flat of a two storey concrete structure was seen on fire. Following a brief size up the fire department got into operation to extinguish the fire. The fire was later brought under control and extinguished. As a result of the fire the eastern half of the structure was severely damaged by the fire. Preliminary investigations revealed that the fire originated in the room on the north east section of the structure. It originated on a bed. The structure was not insured and was owned by one Mr.Reyes. The apparent cause of the fire was the result of an electrical fault of a light above the bed. A check on the electrical breaker shows that there were four breakers that had tripped as a result of the fire.”

As a result of the blaze, students from the nearby St. Ignatius Primary School were evacuated from their classrooms due to the smoke.  Also evacuated from the home was one person who occupies the lower flat of the building.


“That was  as a result of the wind direction blowing smoke toward the occupied school buildings. As a result of that they had to evacuate that building. We understand that it was a person downstairs and that person went upstairs to salvage what he could from the structure. No information had been received whether he did or did not.”

As Smith indicated, from their preliminary investigations, they found the cause of the fire to be due to electrical wiring.