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A Home Invasion in Ontario Village

Armed men enter a farm in Ontario Village and held up a group of people, injuring an elderly man. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports.

Fem Cruz: “Roaring Creek Police are investigating an aggravated burglary which left 55 year old Simeon Alvarez Sr. a resident of Tea Kettle Village with multiple stab wounds to his head and body. Based on a telephone call received just after 7 o’clock this morning Love News raced to the scene about a quarter mile off the George Price Highway behind Prayer Mountain in Ontario Village at a farm and saw a group of American ladies traumatized. Information is that early this morning three male persons armed with firearms and machetes entered the farm and held up the group. Simeon Reyes Jr. Spoke to Love News about what happened this morning.”

Simeon Reyes Jr: “Well I was at my house and I got a phone call telling me how they are getting robbed so then I jump in my vehicle and I gone over and I see the three male persons running out of the property, they run down the hill with mask and with a shotgun in his hand. When I see that I call 911 quick and then after that I just race up there so when I gone check I see my dad was laying in a pool of blood so then I just grab him and I put him in the truck and I rushed to the hospital. He went and assisted them and that’s when they get the knife and they stab him up because he is all stabbed in his head and in his back and I think in his chest also, hand. What I heard they went with money and laptops and I don’t know what else. My family just arrived and they say he got a lot of stab wounds and getting stitches you know.

Fem Cruz: “This is Brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent reporting for Love FM.”