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Home of 14 Persons Goes Up in Flames

Three separate families living in one house were left homeless last night after a raging fire destroyed almost everything they had. At around 9:30 last night, a small mobile home housing three adults and more than ten children on Boots Crescent in Belize City, caught on fire. Hipolito Novelo reports.


“Video taken by a neighbor with his cell phone shows the raging flames consuming a portion of the narrow trailer home. Firefighters quickly accessed the scene and began to extinguish the flames. Inside the house lived about 14 persons- most of which were school children. They had to be quickly evacuated by the elders before the fire trapped them inside. Tenesha Flowers was awakened when she smelled smoke.”


I got up and I smelt something like wires. I got up, grabbed my phone to check my wires and outlets but I kept smelling this thing. I looked out through my window and I still didn’t see anything. When I got out to the hall and rushed out I saw all the smoke. When I looked around the stove wasn’t on, the tank wasn’t on because we lock off everything at night. When I looked the back room the fire was blazing. I ran to the kids and told them to come out.”


“Flowers then alerted her sisters and their children. Luckily everyone got out in time and unhurt. According to Orin Smith, Station Manager for the Belize National Fire Service a lit candle caused the inferno.”


Following a brief size up the fire department went into operation to extinguish the fire, the fire was later brought under control and extinguished. Preliminary investigation reveals that the fire originated within the kitchen and occurred as a result of a lit candle that had fallen over.”


Candle that fell on the bed and from there fire just went out of control. When we saw the smoke and fire my oldest daughter jumped off the bed, hit her knee on my bed and we still made it out because the walkway was small so we had to squeeze and try to make it out.”


“How many fire fighters were deployed and how long did it take to control the flame?”


Seven. Only about five minutes after we arrived on scene the main body of the fire was already extinguished and the mop up process continued.”


“And it was the quick response from the National Fire Service that the Flowers family was able to salvage some pieces of clothing.”


I just managed to save some clothes and nothing else. We need some food items, we need a house, we need school supplies because we have kids that are going to 6th form and primary school.”


“Are you making a personal appeal to the area rep?”


Well I would like him to know and see this on television and let him know that we need help and some assistance immediately.”

If you would want to assist the Flowers family you can contact them at cell phone numbers 635-0677 or 631-1221. Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.