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Home of Former Lands Commissioner raided by Police

The former Lands Commissioner Wilbert Vallejos may be in some hot water tonight as Love News has confirmed that a raid was conducted at his home in Patchakan Village, Corozal District.  While the Police Commissioner has confirmed the raid he did not delve into the details of the search.  According to him the police are still at the site and are yet to report back to him on the matter.  Unconfirmed reports, however, have suggested that the raid yielded tens of thousands of dollars in various currencies including pesos, US and Belize dollars.  Love News understands that the Financial Intelligence Unit has gotten involved and may be levying charges against Vallejos.  One other source to our newsroom has indicated that the house searched does not belong to Vallejos, but rather is his family home where his mother and brother reside.  Reports further state that the brother went to the Police Station to query what was happening and he was subsequently detained and taken to the house where another search was conducted.  As we indicated, the Police are yet to issue an official report on the matter and so we remain on standby.  Wilbert Vallejos had served as the Lands Commissioner for the past ten years until his resignation last week on December 31, 2020.  Our newsroom has reached out to Vallejos for comment but our messages have gone unanswered.  We will keep following this story.