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Home of Police Officer ,Involved in the Death of Jessie Escobar, Burnt to the Ground

While the police are letting that incident slide, there is one incident that the culprit or culprits may not be able to escape. On Sunday night the home of 35-year-old, Police Constable Juan Morales was burnt to the ground, following the fatal shooting of Jessie Escobar. Morales’ home was reportedly set ablaze by vigilantes who took justice into their own hands immediately following the incident. The officer was reportedly forced out of the village due to his role in Escobar’s demise. According to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, the incident was unacceptable and an investigation into the matter has been launched.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I had made it categorically clear the the burning of the house is a crime and it is being investigated by the police and once we are to find out who is responsible that person or those persons concerned will be charged.”

Reporter: Ma’am do you guys agree with the burning down of the house of one of the police officers ? 

Gracia Guerra, Cousin of Jessie Escobar

Gracia Guerra, Cousin of Jessie Escobar: “Yes. All of that and if they don’t do anything there will be more. More to come and if they arrest one they will arrest the whole village because we are family and as we say if you touch one you touch all.”

The woman in the second part of that clip is Escobar’s cousin Gracia Guerra.