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Honduran Men Taken for Illegal Fishing in Belize

Four Honduran men were arrested for illegal fishing over the weekend. They are Elexander Harris, Wilmer Enrique Limas, Wilmer Caldero and Anuar Cruz.  The bust was made on Saturday when a joint patrol, involving rangers of the Southern Environmental Association and Belize Coast Guard, conducted an operation in the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve. The four men were arrested and their vessel and the fish were seized. All four fishermen were charged with fishing without a Special License Permit at the spawning aggregation area. Harris and Limas pled guilty and were fined. Calderon and Cruz were additionally charged with engaging in commercial fishing without being in a possession of a valid fisherman’s license. Both pled not guilty, were granted and met bail of one thousand dollars each. Their trial was set for the end of the month.